CMA Program – Customer Maintenance Alignment Program

We know there are times when you plan downtime for machine “preventive maintenance”.

Sterling can book your project -in advance- based on your preventive maintenance schedule and/or “planned” downtime.

For Sterling, (since most of our work is “emergency” type work) there is savings to be had for us by booking work -in advance- and we would like to pass this savings on to you.

Also, when in your area, our skilled technical team will visit your facility to perform a free inspection and evaluation of your Central Impression Cylinders to verify measurements and OEM specifications.

CMA Database

Customer Maintenance Alignment Program to maintain your Central Impression (C I) Cylinders – Minimize downtime!

  • Customer’s machines
  • Manufacturer’s model, serial #
  • Manufacturer’s C I Cylinder specifications
  • Repair history
Count on a 24-Hour Response Time from SST!
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We thrive during Emergencies. It's the nature of our business!

C.I. Cylinder Repair and Restoration by Sterling Surface Technologies

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