About our Thermal Spray Process

Sterling uses the highest quality materials available. Our Thermal Spray coating products are manufactured in the USA and comply with FAA and Aerospace standards and specifications.

Step 1
Cylinder shown has been damaged by impact and abrasion. Electroplating process was attempted but unsuccessful. After Sterling’s low profile grinder has been set up and installed, the grinding process begins.

Step 2
Sterling’s SST2000 application process is accomplished using a High Velocity thermal spray technique. The application speed (exceeding 2,700 feet per second) combined with high combustion temperatures of the fuel gases used, result in a sprayed coating which is strong, dense and very low in porosity (<1%).

Step 3
Sterling’s rust and corrosion resistant SST-2000 coating offers an exceptional printing surface, resulting in an efficient printing process.

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Our process is applied on-site and in manufacturing.

Applying SST 2000 in Manufacturing

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C.I. Cylinder Repair and Restoration by Sterling Surface Technologies

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